Motivating Your Child to Brush

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Motivating Your Child to Brush

by on 18 December

A regular oral hygiene routine is an important thing to establish for your child. Most children will resist the behavior unless an example is set. We have come up with a handful of helpful tips to encourage your children to brush their teeth.

Set an Example

Kids get behavioral cues from their parents. Set a good example by making the process of brushing and flossing a fun activity. Demonstrate the proper way to brush and make it a routine maybe by listening to one of their favorite songs during the brushing to ensure the proper time to brush.

Get Messy

The messier it is, the more the teeth are brushed thoroughly. Encourage them to get the most foam. Having to clean up afterward isn’t so bad if you know their teeth are being thoroughly cleaned.

Offer Choices

Allow your child to choose the flavor of their toothpaste and the color of their toothbrush. If you give your child an investment into the process, they will feel more willing to play along.

Make it Fun

If your child is resistant to the process, perhaps bring in their favorite stuffed animal to brush with them or making the brushing a contest. Celebrate them when they are done and compliment them on the great job they did.

Set Goals

If kids have goals and know they are working toward a reward, they may be more willing to brush. Make a chart and allow them to mark off days they brush with a fun sticker. Reward them with a special toy or an activity they’ve been wanting to do.

Ultimately, start a routine and stick to it as a family. The more second nature brushing becomes, the easier it is to ensure your child continues to do it on their own as they grow. Having regular dental visits is just as important as establishing a regular brushing and flossing regimen at home. To schedule an appointment for your child with our professional dental team at Palm Valley Pediatric Dentistry, call our offices in Goodyear and Surprise at 623-535-7873 today.

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