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Eruption of Your Child’s Teeth

Although, we don't usually think of a newborn as having teeth, at birth the crowns of the 20 "baby" or primary teeth are almost completely formed, and they are hidden in an infant's jawbones.

Behavior Management

Dealing with the behavior of young, immature and sometimes frightened children as well as those who may be physically or mentally challenged is an area that is unique to pediatric dentistry.


Mouth guards, also known as sports guards or athltic mouth protectors, are crucial pieces of requirement for any child participating in injurious recreational or sporting activities.

N2O - Nitrious Oxide (laughing gas)

Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen inhalation is a safe and effective technique to reduce anxiety, produce analgesia and enhance effective communication between PVPD doctors and our patients.

What is Pulp Therapy?

Pulp is found at the center of each tooth, and is comprised of nerves, tissue, and many blood vessels, which work to channel vital nutrients and oxygen.

Dental Space Maintainers

When a tooth is missing, the other teeth shift to fill the gaps. This can take up space that permanent teeth would normally occupy when they descend.

Teeth Whitening: Facts on Teens Bleaching

Is it OK for teens to reach for the bleach in their quest for a "perfect" pearly white smile? What parents need to know first. The short answer is: Yes!

Pediatric Dental Appliances

Though many parents think of "teenagers" when presented with the term "dental appliances," the use of such appliances in young children is very common. 

Grow Up Smiling!

Dentistry is our profession, but children are our focus.