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When it comes to tools that help make dental processes easier, safer and more effective, laser dentistry comes to mind. In the traditional sense, lasers have been used for soft tissue use and had a limited ability to cut through hard tissue. However, this has changed with the invention of newer, more advanced lasers. By using the best dental tools, we can offer your child the best dental experience, a faster healing process and overall better oral health.

In terms of pediatric dentistry, preventative care is the best approach. We at Palm Valley Pediatric Dentistry believe that a healthy smile that lasts a lifetime begins with regular dental checkups and cleanings from our professional staff. These checkups should begin at the beginning of your child’s development. This is the best defense against cavities and decay for both baby and primary teeth alike.

My son and daughter both had great experiences. The visit was quick (in and out in less than an hour for both), great waiting room toys for the kids, very pleasant staff, and cute dinosaur dental chairs. Dr. Olga is very warm, yet quick and efficient so kids don't spend unnecessary time in the dental chair.