Policy 2

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Policy 2

Parent Participation. We welcome family members back for cleaning appointment. but due to limited space, we request that a maximum of one adult accompany a child back for restorative appointments.

We ask that the parent sit in the chair provided and act as a "silent observer" during the restorative appointment. If more than one person is speaking to the child they may become confused. Cooperation and trust must be established between Dr. Olga and your child and not through you. This allows the doctor and staff to communicate with your child directly without distractions or safety concerns. We encourage older children to come back to the treatment area by themselves as this builds autonomy and trust.

There may be times when a child's experience is enhanced by a parent's absence. In this case, we may ask the parent wait outside the room during treatment in order to facilitate a more direct line of communication between Dr. Olga and the child.

The use of cellular phones is prohibited in the treatment areas. Conversations carried on by others in the clinical area can be very distracting to children, thus preventing us from close, careful communication with each young patient.

Again, our goal is to make your child's dental visit a safe and positive one. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation in these matters.